Articles Contest

Our first Articles contest

In celeberation of its launch, Istazeed, the online social learning platform, is calling on aspiring young writers to participate in its contest #istablogger for the best blog post/article(s).

In addition to being awarded the founder status on Istazeed as well the author title and all the premium features that come with it, the winners will be published on IstaRead

IstaRead is a news and opinion blog about learning languages, translation, books, movies, entertainment, culture and science. Entries are written by professional authors and amateur bloggers with complete transparency, accuracy, humour and a pinch of blunt honesty.

Why you should participate

Become an Istazeed Founding Writer and benefit from life-time Premium Features.

Unleash your creative digital pen and join a fast-growing platform on your path towards becoming the writer you aspire to be.

Articles Contest

Win up to 40 000 dzd worth prizes.

Contest Rules & Conditions

Any graduate or post-graduate student of an Algerian university. 

The deadline for the keywords selection is March 29th.

The deadline for the Articles submission is April 10th.

The blog posts can be written in Arabic, French, English, or Spanish.

However, not all concepts are available in every language of the contest. Once the Entrant chooses the keyword(s) from the form, they will be notified of the available languages for the chosen keyword(s).

There are four (04) Categories

  • Translation & Interpreting 
  • Language learning
  • Science & Technology 
  • Books and Entertainment

Entrants may only submit one entry per category. (03 Maximum entries per contestant)

Articles topics are limited to the keywords defined in the contest rules.

The Entrant must choose a keyword from the submission form below, and tailor the content of their entry post content around the chosen keyword.

To enhance the chances of winning one of the prizes, the entrant is advised to place the keyword they picked  6 to 9 times in their article. 

However, we do not recommend keyword stuffing. In other words, do not add keywords in the text for the sake of doing so. Instead, do it only when it is natural to read.

If you are not sure where to add keywords, this should help:

  • Add them in the title of the post
  • Add them in the main headings of your post
  • Add them 4 to 7 times within the content of the post
  • Add them in the conclusion of the post

Similar to writing an essay, an article should have an introduction, main part (Content), and a conclusion.

For the sake of a good structure, the entrant should divide their content into subheadings (use subtitles). There is a good possibility that the majority of the readers will be on mobile, thus, the contestants are advised to simplify the structure and employ short paragraphs

The entry must be between 650 and 1500 words.

Each blog entry must be an original work, in its entirety, and must not infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of any other third party, regardless of country of residence or language of publishing. It is the entrant’s responsibility to clear all aspects of copyright.

The selection commitee will use a plagiarism tool to detect any unreferenced quotes or passages, and Istazeed reserves the right to disqualify from the competition any blog entry which infringes the copyright or other intellectual property rights of third parties. Istazeed is not responsible or in any way liable for any violations of copyright or any other unauthorized use of images/graphics/video or other content in the submitted entries.


Winning entries will be published on the Istazeed website. Istazeed reserves the right to publish all or any of the non-winning blog entries on its website. The published pieces may include edited versions of the original entries, but will always display the Entrant’s name as its author.

The selection Commitee will choose 5 winners based according to the following repartition:

  • Translation & Interpreting : 2 winners
  • Language learning : 1 winner
  • Science & Technology : 1 winner
  • Books and Entertainment : 1 winner

The selection committee may choose not to award a prize if entries in a given category do not satisfy the minimum standards defined by the panel.

Decisions taken by the selection committee shall be considered final and cannot be appealed.

Regardless of the Entry’s language and category, the contest commitee will choose the 5 winning entries on a merit basis. 

The prizes are as follows : 

  • 1st : 7000 da + Life-time “Writer” Account at istazeed website + one-year licence of MemoQ (Premium CAT tool)
  • 2nd : Earbuds + Life-time “Writer” account at istazeed website + one-year licence of MemoQ (Premium CAT tool)
  • 3rd : Earbuds + one-year licence of MemoQ (Premium CAT tool)
  • 4th + 5th : One-year licence of MemoQ (Premium CAT tool)

Best Article Contest

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Articles Writing Contest

Keywords Section

Pick the keyword that suit your article's Idea. You can choose at least one keyword from the list below. And three keywords at most. One Keyword for each Article (03 Keywords = 03 Articles)